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Why Visit The Exotic Wine Country?

Wine Country is located in northern California, United States. The place is known to harvest some of the best quality grapes and one of the top producers of best wines in the world. In fact, the region of Wine Country is famous worldwide for its premium quality wines. The tradition of wine-making has been a part of this region since the 19th century. It will not be wrong to say that wine-making runs in the vein of this place. There are many Counties within the Wine Country region of California. The Wine tasting has become the new-age vacation, commonly known as Eno tourism, Vinitourism, Oenotourism, etc.

Apart from just exploring the wine-making culture of the place, there are so many things to do in the Wine Country region of CA due to its historical, tourism and adventure options. One could get an idea of what the region is all about to plan a mini vacation and spend some great time with their loved ones amidst nature. But if, you are a true wine lover then, this should be your ultimate holiday destination.

Wine Country-A brief history

Wine Country has a large number of wine yards and is producing wines since the mid-1800s'. There are so many varieties of grapes grown in the various places of Wine Country. The entire region is demarcated into Napa Valley County and Sonoma County. Sonoma Valley, Bennett Valley, Russian River Valley, Dry Creek Valley and Alexander Valley are some of the major valleys in the Sonoma County. Many cities and towns are associated with California's AVA.

The USA is the fourth largest producer of wine in the world. There are many AVAs' around the USA that are devoted to the production of wine. American Viticulture Areas abbreviated as AVA are the areas where the wine yards are developed and are maintained. Though there are many such AVAs' in the United States, the Wine Country holds great value as it is one of the oldest in the region.

The land was earlier inhabited by Native Americans, and later the Europeans had bought in the species of grapes that yield some of the best quality wines. The areas that were under cultivation then and now have vast differences. Though they fall under one region, the geography of the place varies due to the boundaries that the region shares with other areas of the state.

Things to do in Wine Country:

There are varied options for a person to do in Wine Country that is catered by the striking differences in the geography of the region. There are about 1200 plus wineries in California, North and South California put together. Wine Country falls under North California whereas South California has the coastal regions of the area of Los Angeles.
California's wine growing areas are divided into four main zones

 North Coast
 South Coast
 Central Coast and
 Central Valley

Wine Tourism and Wine Tasting

Wine Tasting is a nascent tourism idea. The people go on a trip to taste different varieties of wines in the world. They take a walk around the wine yards, smelling the aroma of the freshly grown grapes and also taking part in the harvest session. The Wine Tasting in Wine Country gained momentum due to the marketing that it had got by winning a wine competition named Judgement of Paris in the year 1976. The wines from California won in almost all categories, and people started flocking the place ever since then. There are very few in this world who does not like wine. For those, wine lovers this place is a paradise.

Germany, France, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Austria, Portugal, Spain, and Slovenia are the other places in the world where wine yards are present extensively. To promote Eno tourism, the second Sunday of every year is observed as Eno tourism Day. In North America, May 11 is celebrated as Wine Tourism Day. This was an initiative that was started in the year 2013. There are many events scheduled that would entertain the tourists throughout the week. The tourism industries see this new kind of tourism as a growing industry with much potential that will grow well in the future and increase the revenue of the government.

What to do as a part of wine tasting?

The ones who visit the wine yards mainly do the following

Stay in a nearby guest house to experience the real-time feel of being in a wine yard. Wine Country has many resorts that are associated with that respective wine yards. Thus, by being there in itself gives the wine lovers a paradise feel of waking up to the smell of wine that is being fermented in the breweries.

The tourists can take a walk around the wine yard and have a look at the processes that are happening and also involve themselves in some activity like harvesting. This is being looked forward to by many of the families in the United States of America to inculcate the habits of growing the eatables in children.

The tourists can read about the history of the place and take a cycle around. This is a great option for all the fitness enthusiasts.

Why is wine tasting devoured?

The ones who have traveled a lot can tell the differences in depth of all the wines that they have tasted. The taste of the wine depends on two main factors namely, the geography of the place and the nature of the grape that is being used. One can get home some goodies from these wine paradises.

What are the types of grapes that are used for wine production in the Wine Country?

One would be astonished to know the multitude of grape varieties that go into the making of wine in the State of California. There are grapes of France, Italy origin as well as there are grape varieties that are indigenously developed in the universities of California. These are the main ingredients that add to the taste of the wine.

 Cabernet Sauvignon
 Cabernet Franc
 Pinot Noir
 Sauvignon Blanc

Are some of the top-selling wines from the Napa and Sonoma valleys. The red and the white wine are the top selling types of wines from Wine Country.

What are the other things that can be done in Wine country?

Other than relishing the amazing wine of the region, there are a lot of other things as well that you can do in Wine Country. Like for example, the road trips take one to the coasts; the adventure lovers can go on a hiking expedition and plan the trip as they wish. The place is easily accessible through roads from the airports.

Being located in the state of California, one need not worry about the frequency of transports that would take them to the place of their desire. So if, you ever find yourself under the skies of Wine Country then, you should give these things a try. Without these, your trip to Wine country will just remain incomplete.

 You must visit some of the Champagneries on your way to Mendocino.

 For the foodies, they should try out the deliciously mouth-watering corn pancakes or maple-glazed apples with black pudding while gazing at the Thomas 100-year old property.

 If you wish to have a relaxing afternoon with your better half then, going taking a massage and mud bath at the Indian Springs followed by a swimming session in the heated mineral pool is a must. You can swim away from all your tiredness in the heated mineral pool.

 Kollar Chocolates is the place where all the chocolate lovers should be. This is the place where you can witness the crafting of the delicious fennel pollen chocolate right in front of your eyes.

 Going for waterski is also an option when you are in Wine Country. Book yourself a boat and explore the beauty of Sonoma Lake with your group.

 Witness the behind the scenes of wine-making at the Dry Creek Vineyard. When you are in Wine Country, there is no denying that you will obviously come across a lot of wine activities. Also, you can learn about the Bordeaux-style of wine-making while blending your own choice of wine. This is one of those ideal places for every wine lover, wouldn’t you agree?

 You can also go for hiking along with your group at the Armstrong Woods and break some sweat out there. And, after that sip on some fine-quality Champagne only at Korbel. Well, that sounds like some plan.

 Gain access to all the fine wineries in the region by attending a Wine Road event. And, obviously, don’t forget to sip on some fine wine after that.

 For all the party junkies don’t forget to dive into the dancing nights at Plaza on the Tuesday nights. Here you can dance, indulge yourself in sinful foods like deep-fried Oreos, pork sandwiches and much more.

 Begin your day with a fun-filled balloon ride and then, have your brunch at Auberge Du Soleil.

 To make your holiday to-do list more interesting, you can also attend a wine tasting class at the CIA Graystone. It’s going to be a whole new experience for you, and you will enjoy it too. After that, you can try out your newly learned skills at the nearby Chateau Montelena.

 If you want to witness some serious scenic beauty then, take a trip to the Ferrari Carano gardens.

 You will also find a lot of events going on in the region. You will be a fool if, you ignore these events. That's because these events are all fun and fun. Like for instance, you can attend the Halloween Pagan Ball event and unleash your inner king or queen out at the Castello Winery.

These are only a few of the interesting things that you could do in the Wine Country otherwise; the list is an endless one. Well, you can see that apart from sipping on wine, there are other fun things to do as well in the Wine Country. However, we do have some wine-related things to do on our list but, isn’t that obvious that wine is the prime essence of the place.

Not just a mini vacation, but also a long one

When someone is planning for a long vacation, and the agenda also includes Wine Country, then it is one of the best options one can say as the Wine Country is located in the hustling bustling state of California. The geography of California makes it a must visit the place. There is a specialty with the state of California that it has both the mountains as well as the coast. There are the coastal mountains that are one of the unique geographical features of the world.

Usually, there aren't valleys that are near the sea. The valleys where the grapes are cultivated for the production of wines belong to one of these Mountain ranges. The cities like LA, SF, San Deigo and San Jose can be visited alongside the trip planned for Wine Country, and one can have the time of their lives. So, you can plan for a long holiday in the lap of Wine Country and relax your days with the finest quality wine in your hands.

Thus, a trip to Wine Country can be an overall heart wrenching and a soul food like experience by tasting some of the exotic wines of the place and bringing out your inner adventure freak. It is one such place, where you can not only taste the best quality wine of the world but you can also have the enjoyment of your life.

If you ever happened to plan a trip to the great Wine Country, make sure that you try out everything that comes your way. After all, it’s better to give everything a try than to regret later on. So, plan your next trip to the land of exotic wines and explore the place the way you want.

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