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Updated on Nov. 19, 2018
35% off

Have you been always looking to buy a trusted and reliable VPN serivce but don't know where to start? Do you want to experience high speed, unlimited server switches, ultra secure, and the powerful anonymity? Then, ExpressVPN is your choice. Order ExpressVPN service today, get up to 35% discount on 12 months plan. Billed $99.95 every 12 months and 30-day money-back guarantee.

35% Discount

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Review of Express VPN

To know about the features, the upsides and also the downsides of Express VPN, it is strongly recommended that you get your concepts clear about what is VPN? Yes, the definition is very easy, so is the concept behind the definition, if you can understand what the definition says.

To make your understanding easier, we will explain you about a VPN in easy words. Apart from this, today we will talk about the pros of Express VPN, the performance and the speed, the server locations, how easy it is to use and also the privacy policies. So, let us start with today’s review on Express VPN.

What is a VPN?

VPN, the abbreviated form of Virtual Private Network, is just a way through which you can bestow security and other privacy settings on networks which are for private as well as public use.

The pros of Express VPN

Following mentioned are the good parts of using Express VPN:

  • Achieving access (reliable ones) to many popular websites
  • The high on performance ratio of this website is incredibly consistent
  • Has a total user review of 9.8 out of 10
  • The privacy factor of Express VPN is really strong

Performance and speed of Express VPN

If someone has to talk about speed when it comes to Express VPN, well, the fiction superhero from DC Comics, The Flash, can get a good competition when it comes to speed. In two words, if we have to describe the speed, it will be "Blazing Fast."

If you are worried about how the performance of Express VPN will be, then it must be said that in repeated testing with this Express VPN, the performance was unaltered and to the peak, which means, when it comes to consistency, Express VPN is always a step ahead!

The server locations of Express VPN

Express VPN is one such network which is supported all over the world. Yes, there might be few places which don't support, but, maximum does. Amongst the top places where Express VPN is supported, the ones leading in the service are USA, UK, Germany, Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Turkey, Netherlands, Hong Kong and Japan. Thus, the widespread of this network is also really strong. The ease of use with Express VPN There are 4 different points, which are to be noted, which justifies that using Express VPN is really very easy. These 4 different points are:

  • Making all the connections of Express VPN right after purchase takes merely few minutes.
  • Be on the go with Express VPN through just a single button!
  • There are collections of amazing tutorials which you get to bring you through from any difficult circumstances.
  • Using Express VPN is very efficient and reliable

Privacy policies of Express VPN

Being a VPN, the policies are nearly same as any other VPN, without the introduction of two amazing features present in Express VPN, which are, "Kill Switch" and "DNS Server Ownership."

These were some of the main points of review of Express VPN which will actually help you in your practical life to deal with public and private networks. Thus, opting for Express VPN maybe is one of the best choices you can make in the field of VPN. Elsewise, what would you do?

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