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Updated on Jan. 11, 2023
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How to Get OVPN.com Coupon Code

The space that revolves around the online base is increasing with each passing day, and so are the numbers of people who are using it. Now, with the number of privacy issues faced by the huge amount of individuals on a daily basis, it is impossible to combat all of it at once. But we can take some smaller steps to protect our valuable and important data that is being shared online.

Now, with VPN introduced, we can extend our private network into a wider public network for working. This will regulate the data in the public sphere in the same way but without the knowledge of the service provider about your data. This is very important while one goes around the online network every single day for job purposes and also maintains your privacy. In this article, we will talk about OVPN.com which is a VPN provider. You can use the OVPN.com coupon code to get the great VPN service at a great price.

An OVPN.com Review to Help you know about it properly

This is a Swedish company that works as a VPN provider since the year 2014. Their main corporate headquarter is located in Stockholm. While we always fear the fact that we are being monitored by someone on the other side or in between our conversations and work, this company is taking away all our worries. They have started providing the hassle-free experience of using the internet without the fear of having your privacy stolen.

While you use OVPN, you can be assured of the service they will be providing you with like:

 They are very reliable with the kind of network they provide which also makes them responsible towards their customers.
 They will offer you with a permanent area which makes it completely clear of theft or privacy breaches and gives a great uptime too.
 The company is known for the type of security measures they take since they first try it themselves then only claim them for the customers.

The company is also very true to their customers which can be seen through the type of customer services they provide. This VPN provider will not only free you from your worries but also provide the best service known to you. The OVPN.com coupon code also is available for helping worldwide people buying the superior VPN service at the very cost-effective price.

Features of OVPN

There are several different kinds of features to this VPN provider and we will list them down below:

 Security First: Despite not having a great base that is spread over the world or a huge customer base, they are still appreciated for this one quality that they are promoting, i.e., security first. They are known for the fact that security should be over anything while using the Internet or its facilities and for this sole reason they are growing day by day.

 IP Addresses: They have a page on their website that is solely dedicated to serving the different data related to the internet connection, i.e., the data speed, the traffic on pages or servers and then they also offer 2000+ IP address that is completely anonymous.

 Bandwidth: One of the great features introduced by them is the “unlimited bandwidth” which is a plus point for both the customers and the providers. They have also included multiple server switching in this list which allows a user to have unlimited concurrent connections.

 Support for Torrent: This is something that would make almost all of us glad since torrent is something people have been using for multiple purposes but secretly. But OVPN supports P2P file sharing which in turn supports all the torrent clients.

 OVPN Box: This is a proprietary router provided with OVPN, and it is the fastest router you have ever used. It is also completely fanned less unlike your normal router and saves energy as per your liking. So it’s a complete package of savings. This box is very user-friendly which in turn means that you need no prior knowledge of using it.

 Multi-Platform: The most important feature that is needed by everyone is the number of platform one single thing can be accessed for. Now, OVPN can be used on multiple platforms which make it a better choice. The company is known to support Windows, Mac, and Ubuntu by providing software. You will also receive a guide once you visit their official website.

 Multiple Routers: Apart from their router, i.e., OVPN Box, you can also use this with the other routers, i.e., AsusWrt, Open Wrt, pfSense, DD-WRT, and Tomato. You can also use one of these routers in combination with the OVPN box for better service and quality.

User Interface

The user interface makes or breaks the game for a lot of these VPN providers since not everyone is a technical expert. You will be provided with multiple options if you visit their official page. If you are someone with zero technical knowledge you can even read about it all on their website, or you can just proceed, it is very simple even for a beginner.

For setting up your VPN account, you need to firstly log in with a username and then provide a password. After logging in, you will find four different tabs on connections, system, settings and the statistics. Here we will list down the information provided by these tabs:

 Connection Tab: The connection tab provides you with information regarding the different servers available for you to connect with. This tab also provides you with the different speed details, date and time details, etc.

 Settings Tab: This tab is responsible for the management of different security or client-related information settings. This will also help you in accessing the kill switch, and then you can stop the DNS leaks which are harmful. This will also enable the DNScript and then display all the verbose messages.

 Statistics Tab: This is the tab that will display the traffic information for the servers. This shows the present information within an hour and has recorded information till 24 hours.

Different OVPN.com Plans Available:

There are three different plans that you can opt for when you are subscribing or starting to use the OVPN. Now the plans are:

 1 Month: The subscription plan for a year will cost you around $10.99 for every month. This plan will allow you to use their services for a month and this is mainly to ensure the fact that you are satisfied with their service.
 3 Months: This pack saves around 24% of the total cost since it comes for only $8.33 for every month which is a lot lesser than taking a single month’s package.
 12 Months: This is probably the best package out there for OVPN. This will save another 24% from your pocket since this comes for $7.99 for every month and you need to pay yearly.

Now several other plug-ins are also available with the normal plans that cost around $3-5 only for every month, and you can purchase them according to your needs and liking. The OVPN box is worth $309 if you buy normally and for online it will add some delivery charges. The payment can complete via several different methods like credit cards or with cash and now even with Cryptocurrency.

Performance of OVPN:

The performance when recorded over different countries for different servers present, a chart was prepared which showed that the performance all over was very consistent, the speed was sufficient, and the uptime was great too. It was a great experience for both the clients and the providers since no complaint was generated. Although outside the major cities or countries, the speed dropped down a little bit which was disappointing, they are working on rectifying the services. They are reliable as seen through the reports and thus it can be recommended to people who want to use their service.

Security Information:

There are many measures for ensuring the highest level of security in their services. They have taken certain measures like:

 One Protocol: They only support a single protocol for encryption, i.e., the OpenVPN protocol which is considered the safest around the ones available. So, the safety of your information is in reliable hands. It is known to use the AES-256 encryption along with SHA-1 authentication and an RSA-2048 handshake. This might be a little old, but it is very powerful.

 Add-ons: With OVPN you will receive two different add-on’s, i.e., Multi-hop and IPv4 Address. With the help of a multi-hop your data with going through encryption twice which makes it even more protected than before. This will also reduce the risk of getting hacked since hacking two places at once is not so easy. Also, the IPv4 address will be offered to you every time you log-in to a new server.

 Doesn't need A Hard drive: It is said that OVPN works without a hard drive which ensures that none of your data is saved or can be used anytime in future. Now, everything your information to your service details is deleted once you log out of the server. They don’t even keep the information related to the bandwidth which makes it even better.

 Insurance: Any legal information or proceedings if ever need to be made then the charges related to this would be covered by the insurance. They have even taken measures against people asking for personal information of their clients, and this needs legal action, so the fund was given by the insurance companies. But the data at the end was completely safe.

 Credit Card Information: Apart from all the other information related to you solely, even the information about your payment details or your credit card information is not saved by the service providers. The payment is usually made anonymously which ensures complete protection.

 No Third Party: One huge security breach happens every time a third party is involved. OVPN uses the least number of third-party products or even Google for tracking their analytical details since that would be a way of disclosing the data.

Apart from these, there are several other ones are being implemented too. These security measures have made them trustworthy and reliable providers.

Customer Support:

While we introduced OpenVPN as a VPN provider, we mentioned that customer support is something they take very seriously. They have two ways that they are dedicated to, i.e., emails and ticket systems done face to face. Now, mobile phones can also be used via calling or texting for knowing and solving your query. Now, they have another option on their website that is about live chats which are available almost 24*7 which makes it the best option to use while you are in trouble.

Pros of OVPN:

 Encryption: They have the best security setup which is done with the help of two-layer encryption. The client has to complete two-step encryption which ensures that one will not be able to hack your information.

 Speed: When a speed test was conducted over their servers for a period, and then in different regions, it was observed that the speed they provide is very impressive. Not many VPN providers can give such a great output of speed.

 Bandwidth: The general bandwidth provided by these VPN providers is limited, but in case of OVPN the bandwidth is unlimited and can be enjoyed by the client without any hassle.

 Different Routers: Different routers can be simultaneously used since the VPN routers support other routers too. Now, you can either use a normal one, or you can use a mixture of two.

Cons of OVPN:

 Slower P2P Connection: The traffic in case of P2P transfers is slower when compared to the other several connections and service providers. You can always find a better one or wait for them to upgrade.
 Server Count: The number of servers available to the clients is very low when compared to other VPN providers.

This is a guide for a beginner or a pro user when they want to know about the different features, advantages, disadvantages and security protocols followed by the OVPN. Remember to purchase the perfect router and the plan to have the best services! Kindly remind you that the OVPN.com coupon codes & coupons are valid now, redeem the coupon code to save more money on your purchase.

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