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Murray's Cheese found by Murray Greenberg in the year 1941 based in Greenwich Village of Manhattan in the New York City had humble beginnings. The company was taken over by Rob Kaufelt in the year 1991. The company partnered with USA's third largest employer and one of the biggest retailers, Kroger. The company's goal is to bring to its customers some of the best cheese from all over the globe. People throng the place owing to the quality of products that goes into the making of the cheese. A detailed look at what Murray's Cheese has to offer is as follows. Don't forget to use the Murray's Cheese coupon code to get cheeses at the very cost-effective price.

Murray's Cheese- A Small Throwback

Murray's Cheese dates back to 1941. The company started gaining momentum after Rob Kaufelt bought it. He made the company a huge brand, and his team still tours the world collecting samples of cheese and making it one of their product. The company was started by a man of Jewish origin named Murray Greenberg. He sold the cheese to the nearby surroundings. He later sold the company to Louis who sold the cheese to the neighboring people of Italian origin.

 600 and more restaurants
  E-commerce business
  Educational programs that are conducted all around the year
 Fully serviced restaurant
 Murray's Cheese Bar catering

These are some of the extensions that have been made from the Murray's.

What is the current state of Murray's Cheese?

The Murray's Cheese was bought from Louis Tadda, and the company is now held a large number of equity shares by the Kroger. It was acquired by Rob who is the strategic advisor of the company now.

Murray's Cheese blog

The company runs a blog where the dairy specialists and cheesemakers go all over the globe and have a taste of some of the best cheese in the world and have a sneak peek into the cheese making and uses them right in their caves and makes some of the delicious cheese in the world. The recipes from all over the world that use some of the exotic cheese is posted here so that people can make the best use of it.

What sets apart Murray's Cheese from other brands?

Murray's Cheese is known to maintain the same quality that it has been maintaining ever since. The addition of new varieties, as well as the quality control, is what sets Murray's Cheese apart from other brands.

Prompt delivery: Murray's Cheese provides both online and offline selling. The orders can be placed online and will be delivered to one's doorstep.

Murray's Pairings and Cheese

It is a known fact that Cheese tastes best when it is paired up with some great food as well as beverages like wine. The wine is exotically made in the United States itself. The other beverages are made indigenously within the Murray's Cheese factory outlets and flagship companies. The following are some of the deadly combinations that one must try out. This list is a compact one, if one wishes to have a look at the elaborate pairings, the website of Murray's Cheese can be visited.

 Wine and Cheese
 Bourbon and Cheese
 Tequila and Cheese
 Beer and Cheese
 Whiskey and Cheese
 Cocktails and Cheese.

Wine pairings:

The Wine consumption in itself derives much pleasure. The wine when had with the following combinations of cheese surely tastes like heaven. The name of the wine is given on the left-hand side, and the variety of cheese is given on the right-hand side.

 Cabernet Sauvignon =Grana Padano & Nuvola Di Pecora
 Chardonnay = Landaff Creamery Landaff & Cellars At Jasper Hill Cabot Clothbound Cheddar
 Chenin Blanc = Real Greek Feta & Westfield Farms Classic Blue Log 4.5oz
 Chianti = 1932 Arrabiata Sauce & Cypress Grove Truffle Tremor
 Malbec = 5 Spoke Creamery Tumbleweed & Grafton 2 Year Cheddar Wheel 8oz
 Merlot = Jasper Hill Farm Alpha Tolman & Tomme De Chèvre Aydius
 Pinot Grigio = Persille De Rambouillet & Alta Langa Brunet
 Pinot Noir = Champignon Cambozola Black Label & Nettle Meadow Kunik
 Riesling = Grafton Garlic Cheddar Bar 8oz & Rogue Creamery Rogue River Blue
 Rosé = Danish White Cheese 150 g & Murray's Duck Mousse Pate 7oz
 Sauvignon Blanc = Tebstrup Gedeosteri Rosa Mundo 3.5 oz & Tomme De Chèvre Aydius
 Sparkling Wine = Murray's Delice De Bourgogne 7oz & Fromager D'Affinois
 Tempranillo = Grafton Maple Smoked Cheddar Brick 16oz & Picon Bejes Tresviso

Beer and Cider pairings:

There are some great beers from the beer making outlets, and they can be paired with these combinations of cheese.

 Cider =Westfield Farm Capri La Pardina Patacabra
 Farmhouse Ales & Sours= Murray's French Double Crème Brie & Murray's Feta Cup 7 oz.
 Lagers and Kolsch = Grafton Sage Cheddar Bar 8oz & Grafton Clothbound Cheddar
 Pale Ales & IPAs= Two Sisters Isabella Aged Gouda & Murray's Pecorino Romano Grated Cup 5 oz.
 Porters and Stouts Murray's= Parmigiano Reggiano Grated 5 oz & Consider Bardwell Farm Dorset
 Strong Beers Grafton= 2 Year Cheddar Wheel 8oz & Rogue Creamery Caveman Blue
Wheat Beers =Murray's Camembert Fermier 8oz & Murray's Sliced Genoa Salami 4oz

Cheese ripening and Murray's:

Cheese ripening is the process of infusing the taste of the cheese by using enzymes, be it natural or artificial. The use of bacteria and other natural acids enhances the texture of the cheese. The atmosphere in which the cheese is made also plays a very vital role in cheese making. Though there are umpteen modern methods to ripen the cheese, the caving process of ripening the cheese in itself adds a great flavor. Murray's uses cave method to ripen the cheese. There are some different types of caves in each of its manufacturing locations. Each cave is known to produce its unique taste.

Murray's Cheese Caves:

The Cheese Caves of Murray's was first started in the year 2004 in Murray's store on Bleecker Street. Later the cave structure was also brought about in the store at Long Island. The specialty of the caves of Murray's is that it is built according to the environment of the place. The following parameters are kept in mind while determining the nature of the place.

 Humidity: The humidity plays a vital role in the design of the cave. The caves of Murray's have humidity regulators that regulate and control the humidity that is needed for the ripening of the cheese.
 Low-Velocity Air fans: The cheese should not get condensed. The cheese has to be given proper air flow to maintain the process of ripening.
 Porous Cement Walls: The walls should be porous in texture to promote the microbial activity.
 Drying room: The Drying rooms are much needed to provide the aroma, texture, color and the flavor of the cheese.

The cheese matures in its environment. Aged Cheese has its quality, and that aging is done under the supervision of expert cheesemakers and in the properly designed caves.

Four types of cheese caves of Murray's:

The following are the four main types of Cheese caves in the Murray's.

 The Stink Tank
 Bloomy Rind Cave
 Natural Rind Cave
 Alpine Cave

One can take a tour of the cheese making arenas to have a look at the environment in which the cheese is made.

Murray's Cheese Customer Service

The customer service of Murray's Cheese is so prompt. The customer satisfaction is the main motto of the company; the company makes sure that they always deliver the things at the right time. Certain different policies vary from region to region, and one can find it on the website of Murray's.

The following table provides the charges that are levied for the delivery of the products that are ordered online. One can use the link to make orders. You also can redeem the Murray's Cheese coupon code here to get a 10% discount.







1 Day Air












List of Cheeses that are sold by Murrey's

This small list of Cheese varieties does not do any justice to the humongous variety of cheese that is sold by Murray's. Murray's have Cheese varieties from all over the world. Apart from that, they have the list of in-house signature dishes for various occasions.

 Murray's Cheeses
 Blue Cheese
 Brie Cheese
 Creamy Cheese
 Cheddar Cheese
 Fresh Cheese
 Chevre Cheese
 Fondue Cheeses
 Grilling Cheeses
 Manchego Cheese
 Sheepy Cheese
 Parmigiano Cheese
 Pecorino/Grating Cheese
 Swiss Cheese
 Nutty Cheese
 Stinky Cheese
 Smoked Cheese
 Flavored Cheese

Gift using Murray's (Murray's Cheese coupon code)

The customer service of Murray's is so exceptionally good that people prefer Murray's to gift some delicacies to their loved ones who live far off. The gift from Murray's can be customized according to one's wish. The Murray's provides a wide range of gifting options to choose from. This can be used to check out the various gifting options they have to offer. You also can use the Murray's Cheese coupon code to save more money.

Specialty signature items from Murray's:

Murray's Cheese also has some of the best items that are special to it.

 Murray also provides Provisions
 Nuts and some Dried Fruits
 Jam and Spreads
 Olives and Antipasti

One should never assume that Murray's Cheese produces only the best Cheese, but it has so many bestselling products that are non-dairy in its umbrella-like meat, apparels, etc.,

Murray's Cheese Bar:

Murray's Cheese Bar is one of the best things to come out from Murray's. This is a restaurant cum recreation center like that is located in the heart of the city of New York. People hang out here often and this is a must visit for all the cheese lovers that are constantly ranked in the top 10 best cheese in the world.

One can have a look at the reviews posted by visiting by following the various links of their social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. One can also contact them and book for table and order customized menus for their private parties.

These are some of the important URL to be checked out before heading to Murray's Cheese bar that one can plan well in advance.

Murray's Catering:

This is yet another great offer from the house of Murray's. One can book in bulk using their catering menu. The wine pairing, some cheesy crisps, the wholesome full course meal can also be booked because Murrey's have all the required items in stock. The catering menu is where one can have a look at the menu and book right away.

Murray's Cheese Tower:

Why the usual Cake Cutting for one's special events of their lives. Why not try the Cheese Tower from Murray's. Murray's Cheese Tower looks similar to that of a tiered cake those bakeries make for weddings, birthday parties, etc., and This Cheese tower is also similar to that. It is made using flavorful cheese and decorated with one's favorite fruits and flowers. This sure is a great option to choose for a cocktail party.

Murray's Boot Camp

The boot camp is designed exclusively for those who want to learn the nuances of cheese making. This boot camp is eagerly looked forward to by those who wish to make a career for themselves in the Cheesemaking industry as well as by those who are passionate about learning how to make cheese. There are slots all around the year. One can carry home a lot of goodies apart from the notes and the menu books that are provided by these classes.

There are private classes that can be arranged by Murray's as well. This is one of the unique features as not many of the cheese making companies are interested in letting know people of the secrets of cheese making. These educational initiatives by Murray's Cheese are very appreciable. This is not something that one can find outside easily.

Thus, these are some of the best things to know about one of the world's best cheesemakers. If you want to shop the best cheese at the unparalleled price, use the Murray's Cheese coupon code or promo code to save at checkout.

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