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Private Internet Access

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Looking for a high-speed VPN service provider? Then PIA VPN (aka, Private Internet Access™) will be the one for you to surf the Internet like a pro. Private Internet Access has been one of the largest VPN providers in the world, powered by 3341+ servers in 24 countries and supported by popular desktop and mobile apps. This page includes the latest & valid Private Internet Access promo offer to get any VPN plan on

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Best and affordable VPN service provider

Since people are very much conscious about their security while using online services, they are looking for the best solution to avoid data loss and hacking. The Virtual Private Network (VPN) will be the right solution for the individuals to prevent themselves from such issues. However choosing the right VPN service is very important. It is because though there are many service providers in the present days, all of them will not give the effective service as people expect. Only few of the service providers will do it properly and Private Internet Access is one such VPN provider.

About Private Internet Access

Private internet access is one of the leading VPN providers in the present days and the company is offering the service at very low cost. This is the major highlight about Private Internet Access. Many individuals who are price conscious prefer this company since it offers the Virtual Private Network at the rate they expect. Generally people have a thought the service provider who offers the service at low cost will not provide the essential features to the individuals. But in the case of Private Internet Access, it is not like that. Individuals are able to get all the needed features at the rate they expect.

Features offered by Private Internet Access

The private internet access offers many features to the individuals and some of them are mentioned in the following.

Different protocols:

Protocols are the most important things for the Virtual Private Network. By considering this aspect, the Private Internet Access offers many protocols such as PPTP, Open VPN and L2TP/IPSec. Though the PPTP protocol is not secure it will be very easy to run on any device. Open VPN will be secured and it is one among the most recommended protocols. L2TP/IPSec is very easy to setup and it is very secure

Accessible in multiple devices:

If a person wants to use many devices in a single VPN, then Private Internet Access will be the best option. It is because, individuals are able to run almost 5 devices simultaneously in the VPN offered by Private Internet Access. Therefore the entire family members can use this virtual private network for their purpose.

SOCKS5 proxy:

This will be very effective for the people who do not want their internet connection to have proxies. It will also act as a protection layer when the individuals are downloading something from internet. Servers in different places: As like many other VPN providers, the Private Internet Access is having servers in different countries therefore people will have no trouble in using the VPN.

Private Internet Access's plans

The company offers the service at best rate and this is the one of the main reasons why people prefer this Private Internet Access. The following are the plans offered by the company.

  • Individuals who want to choose the monthly VPN plan will have to pay $6.95.
  • If they are looking for a yearly plan, then they have to pay $39.95.
  • Some of the individuals would like to get 6 months plan and for those people, the rate will be around $35.95.

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