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Last updated on June 16, 2024


IPVanish VPN

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IPVanish VPN has been recognized as an excellent VPN service provider in the industry, offering the best & secure VPN access, high connection speed, and top tier VPN servers network with 40,000+ IPs on 500+ servers in 60+ countries.

How to Use IPVanish VPN Coupons/Promo Codes

Top Tier VPN Service makes users of IPvanish happy these days

Many companies these days are known by VPN packages and outstanding customer support on time. IPvanish is one of the most successful top tier VPN service providers in the world.  This company attracts individuals who seek an ideal VPN service at the lowest possible price.  Every client of this company is happy to invest in the best suitable package from an experienced team again. They are also confident to recommend this company for their friends and business associates.

About IPvanish

IPvanish is the most successful top tier VPN service and recommended by every user worldwide. The main reasons behind the overall popularity of this team are as follows:

• The best VPN speed
• The most competitive prices of plans
• The most secure connections
• 40, 000 + IPs available on 500+ servers in more than 60 countries
• Surf anonymously from anywhere at any time
• Access restricted websites
• Stop ISPs from spying
• No throttle on the Internet speed based on the usage  
• Prevent from getting hacked
• Keep surfing the web anonymous
• The most secure environment


IPvanish provides the following three plans successfully.

• 1 Month at $10.00/ month
• 1 Year at $6.49/ month
• 3 Months at $8.99/ month

Once people have chosen the most appropriate VPN plan, they have to enter their email address and choose the payment method among a list of options like Credit Card, PayPal, Bitcoin and Alternate payment method.

Extraordinary features

Professionals in VPN services these days recommend the IPvanish for people who expect the most special VPN at the cheapest possible price. This is because they have ensured about the overall quality of all three plans and surprised with the following features:

• User-friendly apps compatible with all devices
• 24/7 customer support
• 256-bit AES encryption
• 5 simultaneous connections on different devices
• 7-day money back guarantee
• Access to restricted websites and apps
• Anonymous torrenting
• OpenVPN, IPsec VPN and PPTP protocols
• The fastest VPN
• Unlimited bandwidth
• Unlimited P2P traffic
• Unlimited server switching
• Zero traffic logs

Users of IPvanish are comfortable and confident because no connection and metadata logs by this company as they have expected for 100% anonymous surfing.

Operating systems and devices

The following operating systems and devices are well compatible with IPvanish VPN at this time.
• Windows
• Mac OS X
• iOS
• Android
• Windows Phone
• Ubuntu
• Chromebook
• Routers

Every client of IPvanish reduces their expenses and increases their benefits from an exclusive VPN service. They prevent deep packet inspection by an ISP and take advantage of the maximum speed of Internet. They maintain their privacy and surf anonymously. They make contact with friendly and qualified customer support representatives in this company whenever they seek the technical guidance regarding the VPN service. They get the prompt support as expected. They access websites restricted by International censorship and some corporate firewalls.  Thus, they take pleasure in their online freedom as awaited.

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